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The Dewatering Wheel principle originated more than a century ago. Since then the concept has evolved, the design has been perfected, and today Bucket Wheel is a proven performer throughout Europe. Bosch Rexroth Canada was proud to introduce it to the North American market. How does it work? Look closely at the surface of Bucket Wheel's tank. You'll see that it's completely covered by a system of 138 overflow weirs. This unique total-surface weir system instantly calms turbulent slurry as it comes into the tank, creating a tranquil settling area in which suspended material can sink slowly to the tank's bottom. The rotating wheel then scoops up solids and, bucket by bucket, lifts them out of the tank, allowing water to drain through flexible urethane screens which actually form each bucket's scoop. An individual vacuum chamber behind each bucket takes gravity a step further by forcibly extracting extra water. The vacuum is created naturally as the wheel lifts each bucket out of the tank and is sustained until the bottom of each elongated vacuum chamber leaves the water. The process takes only a moment, but it's effective enough to reduce the moisture content of concrete sand to 15%-17%. Even very fine sand retains only about 21% moisture. Convener-ready solids are then dumped into a discharge chute, and the buckets enter the tank again to begin another cycle. By covering some of the weirs, the operator can precisely control the rising water velocity in the tank. That means you can adjust the washout split to the specific needs of your own operation. Retain fines at 200 mesh by allowing them to settle and be picked up by the wheel or increase the rising water velocity by covering weirs and wash fines away at 30 mesh or choose any split in between. With a Bucket Wheel you decide exactly what to keep and what to flush away. A variable speed hydraulic drive lets you adjust the speed of the wheel from 0.6 RPM to I. 2 RPM to accommodate the volume of incoming slurry. By operating Bucket Wheel at the precise speed that keeps the buckets full, you can ensure maximum Dewatering efficiency. The hydraulic system guarantees a direct but variable drive that's simple, reliable and also economical.

  • Engineered for Performance, Endurance, and Practicality.
  • Replaceable cutting edges
  • The drive shaft is a heavy machines forging
  • Timken double-taper roller bearings
  • Reinforced tank inside and out
  • Oversize drain
  • Bucket Wheel is semi-portable

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